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Name (first and last) Years at ICC
Coach Jersey Number
Year Signed College signed with

Year   Player   College     Year   Player   College
1974   Mark Clemons   Delta State            
1975   Gerald Goodman   North Alabama            
1976   Tom Blanchard   Southeastern Missouri State   1976   Evander Brim   California
1976   Al Riggin   Southwestern Ohio   1976   Dale Stone   Jackson State
1976   Willie White   Southwestern Ohio            
1977   Scott Beddingfield   Millsaps   1977   Danny Bell   Delta State
1977   Kenneth Davis   Southwest Missouri   1977   Alfonzon McMilliam   Southwestern Ohio
1977   Robert Spratt   Southwestern Ohio   1977   Thomas White   Southwestern Ohio
1977   Charles Scott   Tuskegee Institute            
1978   Tom Alef   Mississippi College   1978   Roger Chism   Delta State
1978   Lynn Crun   North Alabama   1978   Walter Donald    Mississippi State
1978   Chris Holt   North Alabama   1978   Bobby Straughter   North Alabama
1978   Ben Treloar   Delta State   1978   Danny Bell   Delta State
1979   Dirral Trimble   Jacksonville State   1979   Ed Elzie   Murray State
1979   Walter Zinn   Jacksonville State   1979   Allen Cooperwood   Mississippi State
1979   Keith Glover   Southern Illinois   1979   Sammy Cockrell   Alcorn A&M
1979   Jimmy Taylor   Memphis    1979   Buddy Collins   Delta State
1980   David Carter   Southwest Oklahoma   1980   Wilfred McCroy   Lane University
1981   Neal Brasfield   Valdosta State   1981   IJ Chapman   Arkansas State
1981   Johnny Jackson   Delta State   1981   Walter Partlow   Delta State
1981   Anthony Pass   Delta State   1981   Frank Wiggers   Millaps
1981   Thomas Woods   Southern Miss            
1982   Greg Presley   Murray State   1982   Ronnie Hatchett   North Alabama
1982    IJ Chapman, Jr.    Arkansas State             
1983   Kenneth Harper   West Virginia State   1983   Aaron Pearson   Mississippi State
1983   Pat Money   Jacksonville State   1983   Jeff Ingram   North Alabama
1983   Sam Ford   Mississippi College   1983   Blake Wilson    Valdosta State
1983   Robbie Riala    Southern Miss             
1984   Desmond Wood   Southern Illinois   1984   Glenn Ivy    North Alabama
1984   Pat Smith   North Alabama   1984   Russell Thomas   Delta State
1984   Willie Johnson   Mississippi Valley   1984   Jamie Beard   North Alabama
1984   Michael Brown   Tennessee Tech   1984   Tony Clayton    Morehead State 
1985   Terry Bess   Chattanooga   1985   AQ Brownlee   Murray State
1985   Steve Hill   Murray State   1985   Mitch Eubank   Delta State
1985   Boyce Googe   Delta State   1985   Carl Dobbs   Delta State
1985   David Poss   Murray State   1985   Marvin Marsh   North Alabama
1985   Anthony Dailey   Southeastern Missouri   1985   Asia Thorn   Southeastern Missouri
1985   Bobby Robertson   Mississippi State   1985   Robert Joy   Middle Tennessee State
1985   Curtis Williams   Washburn University   1985   Calvin Thompson    Norfolk State 
1985   Mike Smith   West Georgia State   1985   Gary Sloan   Mississippi Valley State
1985    Lamar Aldridge    Delta State             
1986   Terrance Humphrey   North Alabama   1986   Freeman Milton   Austin Peay 
1986   Kenny Meaders    Mississippi State    1986   Elzie Anderson    Austin Peay 
1986   Bernard McCullough    Mississippi State   1986   Curley Dixon   Jacksonville State 
1986   John Keaton    Delta State    1986   Ralph Brockington   Central Florida
1986   Tony Clark    Murray State    1986   Jeff Liles    Murray State 
1986   Robert Montgomery    Emporia State    1986   David McIntosh    Youngstown State 
1986   Gregg Johnson    Mississippi State    1986   Bill Knight    Mississippi State
1986   Russ Hardin    Murray State             
1987   Bubba Howell    Delta State    1987   Keith Brown    Delta State 
1987   Lynn Rowland    Arkansas State    1987   Tony Walker   Southeastern Missouri 
1987   Dimitri Dismukes    Southeastern Missouri   1987   Joey O'Conner   Southern Illinois
1987   Wes Kennedy    Emporia State   1987   Gerald Evans   Savannah State
1987   Barry Winsted    Livingston State            
1988   Paul Manera   Hawaii    1988   Rod Whitlock    Mississippi State
1988   Derrick Jimmerson   North Alabama   1988   Tony Joy    North Alabama 
1988   Danny Aldridge   Delta State    1988   Jimmy Wiygul   Delta State
1988   Ray Fowler    Arkansas Monticello   1988   Jeff Clay    Millsaps 
1988   Jason Smith   Livingston State   1988    Ricky McCall   Miles College
1989   Mark Bell    Illinois State    1989   Vincent Brownlee    Ole Miss
1989   George Cullars    North Alabama    1989   Jimmy Patterson   North Alabama
1989   Rob Wallow   Northeastern Louisiana   1989   Brad Walters    Arkansas State
1990   Vincent Green    Troy State    1990   Antonie Clark   Troy State
1990   Reggie Dwight    Troy State   1990   Andre Blair    Troy State 
1990   Earnest Dye    South Carolina   1990   John Phillips   Northeastern Louisiana
1990   Darrin Turner   Valdosta State   1990   Chris Lindsey   West Virginia Tech
1990   Kenny Jones    Sanford    1990   Andre Boykin   Middle Tennesse State 
1990   Tony Collier    Ole Miss    1990   Cory Philpot   Ole Miss 
1990   Eric Perks    Pittsburg State            
1991   Bill Ashley    Delta State    1991   Ron Green    Samford University
1991   Anthony Williams   Georgia Southern    1991   Scott McCoy    Southwest Baptist
1991   Richard Terry   North Mexico State   1991   Kevin Vanlandingham   Lambuth College
1991   Paul Collier    Lambuth College   1991   Pedro Pargo   Southwest Baptist
1992   Robert Allen    Knoxville College   1992   Tim Bowens    Ole Miss 
1992   Dexter Fryer    Western Kentucky   1992   Leonta Gillespie   Georgia Southern
1992   Norman Hand    Ole Miss   1992   Robert Haynes   North Alabama
1992   Tim Huggins    Arkansas Pine Bluff    1992   Kenyatta Jones   North Alabama 
1992   Anthony Jordan   Samford    1992   Mike Loyd    Arkansas Pine Bluff
1992   James Mitchell    Valdosta State    1992   Mike Montgomery   Western Kentucky
1992   Wardell Rouse   Clemson   1992   Sean Sciortino    Livingston State
1992   Fred Taylor    Alabama A&M    1992   Michael Terrell    Southwest Missouri Baptist 
1992   Chris Tice    Southwest Missouri Baptist   1992   Stevie Wallace   Southwest Missouri Baptist
1992   Jerome Williams   Ole Miss             
1993   John Casey    Ole Miss    1993   Shawn Young    Clemson
1993   Darrell Nicklow    South Carolina    1993   Federick Burks    Delta State 
1993   Mike Randle    Cumberland             
1994   Patrick Garth    South Carolina    1994   Melvin Houston    South Carolina 
1994   Duce Staley    South Carolina    1994   Dwight Dean    Delta State 
1994   Tony Middlebrooks   North Alabama    1994   Kevin Walton    Bethel College 
1994   Darrin January    Delta State    1994   Marcus Gary    Memphis 
1994   Jason Ferguson    Georgia   1994   Anthony Williams    Georgia Southern
1994   Lamont French   Alabama Birmingham   1994   Lee Miller    Alabama Birmingham
1994   Brad Hill    Southwest Missouri Baptist            
1995   Jason Sink    Arkansas State    1995   Lann Wolf    Arkansas State
1995   Joe Crane    Panhandle State   1995   Richard Chandler   Panhandle State
1995   Ken Byars   Delta State   1995   Lamont Woodberry    Mississippi State
1995   Ron Dixon   West Georgia   1995   Homer Torrance   South Carolina
1995   Jason Miller   Northwest Louisiana    1995   Scotty Ball    Northwest Louisiana
1995   Derrick Fields    Northwest Louisiana   1995   Toby Collums   Mississippi College
1995   David Hall   Mississippi College   1995   Maurice Miller   Carson Newman
1995   Israel Thompson   Clarke University   1995   Clay Short   Ole Miss
1996   Tim Evans    Delta State    1996   Tony Johnson    Clarke Atlanta 
1996   Twayne Eddie   Clarke Atlanta   1996   Fredrick Adams   West Alabama
1996   Lydell Baker   Albany State   1996   Sheldon Morris    Ole Miss 
1997   Drew Hagan   Indiana   1997   Justin Swan   Arkansas Monticello
1997   Scott King   Alabama Birmingham   1997   Shane Grice   Ole Miss
1997   Robert Kilow   Arkansas State   1997   Corey Bolden   East Tenneessee State
1997   Kwasi Cockrell   Missouri Western   1997   Darius Brown   Mississippi State
1997   Larry Johnson   Midwestern State   1997   Courtney Minor   Greenville College
1997   Sammy Brooks   Newport News College   1997   Ricky Shoup   Northwestern Louisiana
1997   Demond James   Ole Miss   1997   Rob Lesley   Lambuth
1997   Lance Evans   Harding            
1998   Jeff Aaron   Alabama Birmingham   1998   Adrain Magee   West Georgia
1999   Corey Johnson   Alcorn State   1999   Luke McAlpin   Mississippi College
1999   Maury Long   Mississippi State   1999   Zelbert Johnson   Murray State
1999   Jason Fisher   Buffalo   1999   Anthony Johnson   Murray State
1999   Sanrick Shannon   Alcorn State   1999   Sam Gregg   Murray State
1999   Tyrone Green   Houston   1999   Jeromy McHone   Lindenwood
1999   Stephen Taylor   North Alabama   1999   Brad Harris   Pittsburgh State
2000   JT Brown   Jacksonville State   2000   Todd Devoe   Southern Miss
2000   Aubrayo Franklin   Tenneessee   2000   Matt Grier   Ole Miss
2000   David Hall   New Mexico   2000   David Hamilton   North Alabama
2000   Daurice Elliott   Missouri Valley   2000   Jayme McIntosh   Missouri Valley
2001   Chourse Young   Tuskegee   2001   Tremain Frison   Delta State
2001   Kewon Foster   Tennessee Tech   2001   Jeanarus Rivers   Tennessee Tech
2001   Josh Newton   North Alabama   2001   Matt Dennis   Murray State
2001   David Davis   Memphis   2001   Chad Gibson   Belhaven
2002   Odie Armstrong    Northwestern Oklahoma    2002   Caleb Chandler    Mississippi Valley 
2002   Dusty Finley    Mississippi College    2002   Edward Lockett    University of Charleston 
2002    Aaron Knowles    Northwestern Oklahoma             
2003   Jason Bond    Delta State    2003   Mario Brown    Delta State 
2003   Larry Clark    North Alabama    2003   Jermaine Dawson    Fort Valley State 
2003   Fred Riley    Valdosta State    2003   Deonte Tannehill    Miles College 
2003   Noah Swims    Bacone College    2003   Trey Powell   Southwest Baptist 
2004   Ken Topps    Murray State    2004   Charles Rainey    Murray State 
2004   Michael Gibson    Memphis    2004   Jerome Lyons    Southern Miss 
2004   John Machado    Iowa State    2004   Marquis Spurgon    Louisiana Tech 
2005   Nick Dean    Southern Miss    2005   Chris Johnson    Southern Miss 
2005   Tray Stanfield    Mississippi Valley    2005   Desmoine Ware    North Carolina A&T
2005   Andre Garth    North Carolina A&T    2005   Jeremy Yates    North Carolina A&T 
2005   Kareem Moore   Nicholls State   2005   Lester Brooks   Nicholls State
2005   Alphonso Cunningham   Florida International   2005   Kyle Castles   Samford
2005   Nick Hathcock   Lambuth   2005   Chris Noye   Arkansas Tech
2006   Mario Crump   Henderson State   2006   Montrell Davis   Henderson State
2006   Andrew Eddie   Nicholls State   2006   Surframe Gilleylen   Delta State
2006   Devin Hill   North Alabama   2006   Cody Stubblefield   Memphis
2006   George Lewis   Henderson State   2006   Randy Lowery   North Alabama
2006   Chip Martin   UT Martin   2006   Marcus McIntosh   Henderson State
2006   Kerry Orr   North Alabama   2006   Tony Osborne   North Alabama
2006   Linzy Patterson   UT Martin   2006   Chris Perkins   Western Kentucky
2006   Quad Sanders   Central Arkansas   2006   Mykiro Shelly   Henderson State
2006    Terrance Jones    Jackson State             
2007   Matt Conner   Delta State   2007   Jeffery Cannon   Delta State
2007   Morrell Jones   Jacksonville State   2007   Chris Wilson   Jacksonville State
2007   Quinten Pierre   Jacksonville State   2007   James Reynolds   SE Louisiana
2007   Bubba Van Taylor   McNeese State   2007   Tyson Lee   Mississippi State
2007   Gabe Hollivay   North Texas   2007   Baylor Dampeer   North Alabama
2007   Kareem Carr   North Alabama   2007   Kevin Baldwin   North Alabama
2007   Amore Winters   Kentucky Wesleyan   2007   Justin Smith   Arkansas-Monticello
2007   Taylor McElhenney   Mississippi State   2007   Jeffrey Cameron    Jacksonville State 
2008   Heath Hutchins   Mississippi State   2008   Pernell McPhee   Mississippi State
2008   Trevor Newsom   Southern Miss   2008   Kelvin Jackson   North Texas
2008   John Weber   North Texas   2008   Kenard Springer   SE Louisiana
2008   Austin Thomas   Delta State   2008   Bernard Brinson   Valdosta State
2008   Rashad Hoskins   Henderson State   2008   Anthony Lackey   Kentucky Wesleyan
2008   Travis Walker   Kentucky Wesleyan   2008   Bennie Abram   Ole Miss
2008   Dennis Johnson   Louisiana State             
2009   Jarrod Draper   Mississippi Valley   2009   CJ Foster   Arkansas Tech
2009   Lamar Holmes   Southern Miss   2009   Jeff Howie   Mississippi State
2009   Rico Jernighan   West Alabama   2009   Khiry Karriem   Georgia State
2009   Michael Ledbetter   Shaw   2009   Anthony McCloud   Florida State
2009   Marti Shelby   Alcorn State   2009   Debrale Smiley   Florida State
2009   Bud Tolliver   Miles College   2009   Taurus Ward   Ole Miss
2009   Jerhosha Williams   Belhaven   2009   Ricky Young   Mississippi Valley
2010   Justin Bean   Texas State   2010   Hawatha Bell   Winston-Salem State
2010   Tevin Blanchard   Florida International   2010   Xavian Evans   Troy
2010   Marquez Floyd   Mississippi Valley   2010   William Green   Arkansas-Monticello
2010   Kentarrius Williams   Faulkner   2010   Alex Thornton   Mississippi Valley
2010   D'Angelo Henry   North Alabama   2010   Arturo Hernandez   Central Arkansas
2010    Darius Slay    Mississippi State             
2011   Ashton Ballard   SE Louisiana   2011   Erik Buchanan   Nicholls State
2011   Canden Dallas   Arkansas-Monticello   2011   Darren Daniel   Alabama State
2011   Will Goodwin   Missouri State   2011   Dan Huddleston   William Penn
2011   Andrew Mahan   Faulkner   2011   Tim McAdoo   Shaw
2011   Deshawn McGaughy   Shaw   2011   LeBrandon Mosley   West Texas A&M
2011   Wes Saxton   South Alabama   2011   Jeremy Sessom   Shaw
2011   Ryan Thompson   Indiana   2011   Martrez Townes   Troy
2012   Tre Carothers   Missouri Southern   2012   Ronald Carswell   West Virginia
2012   Quad Freeman   North Alabama   2012   Demarius Howard   Southern Miss
2012   Tyler Jackson   Brigham Young   2012   Pat Malone   SE Louisiana
2012   Midoho Okpokowuruk   Tennessee State   2012   Rashad Pargo   Mississippi Valley
2012   Terrell Pinson   Louisiana Tech   2012   Connor Popeck   Western Kentucky
2012   Theo Rich   South Alabama   2012   Brandon Smith   Jackson State
2012   Brennan Tutor   Arkansas State   2012   Xavier Walker   Middle Tennessee
2013   Jarvis Bentley   Troy   2013   Randall Boyd   Delta State
2013   Carderious Dean   Arkansas State   2013   Archie Dennard   Tennessee State
2013   Hakeem Flowers   Nicholls State   2013   Fadol Brown   Ole Miss
2013   D'Andre Greer   Henderson State   2013   Kyle Harris   Arkansas State
2013   Tobias Lofton   Nicholls State   2013   DQ Reynolds   Delta State
2013   Shante Rogers   UT Martin   2013   Quadzing Rogers   Bethel College
2013   Sanford Seay   Louisiana Tech   2013   Ted Esom    Mississippi College 
2013   Greg Hadley   Houston Baptist   2013   LaDarrell Hunt   Delta State
2013   Chris Ingram   Mississippi College   2013   CJ Jackson   North Alabama
2013   Darius White   Cal   2013    Brandon Jones    Murray State 
2013   Griff Loftis   Faulkner   2013   Tabarious Coffey    Tabor College
2013   Malcolm Pickens   Lincoln University            
2014   Joseph Bacchus   Arkansas State   2014   Anfernee Brand   Mississippi College
2014   Joel Forrester   Tennessee Tech   2014   Devan Gilleylen   Faulkner
2014   Myles Harges   Middle Tennessee   2014   Larry Jefferson   West Virginia
2014   Quinton Lane   South Alabama   2014   Benny McCall   Delta State
2014   Jacquez McMillian   Central Arkansas   2014   Richard McQuarley   New Mexico
2014   Sharone Wright   Mississippi College   2014    Chance McNulty   Kennesaw State 
2014   Xavier Pegues   West Virginia   2014   Jeb Millender   North Alabama
2014   JaNardreon Jones   West Georgia   2014   Tyler Jackson   Ole Miss
2014   Jaquay Daniels     Belhaven             
2015   Antonio Clifton   UT-Martin   2015   Quindarius Thagard   UAB
2015   Tyler Floyd   Delta State   2015   Quinn Tiggs   Texas State
2015   Kwadra Griggs   Southern Miss   2015   Lavarious Varnado   Buffalo
2015   Daniel Johnson   Delta State   2015   Dominic Walker   Troy
2015   Grant Kimberlin   Harding   2015   Brandon Windham   Mississippi College
2015   Calwaun Street   Delta State   2015   Naquez Pringle    Kentucky 
2015   Artez Williams   Louisiana Lafayette   2015   Trev Miller   Louisiana Lafayette
2015   Kendarius Hibbler   West Alabama   2015   Terrence Jones    West Alabama 
2015   Ladarius Gallion   West Georgia   2015   Pierre Byrd   West Georgia
2015   Chakel Gates   Mississippi College            
2016   Lee Autry   Mississippi State   2016   Peyton Bender   Kansas
2016   Deon Knox   Arkansas-Monticello   2016   Jadarius Little   Jackson State
2016   Brennon McCormick   Mississippi College   2016   DqMarcus Shaw   East Carolina
2016   Matthew Stewart   Alcorn State   2016   Kenney Wooten   Murray State
2016   Abraham Austin    Northeastern State    2016   Dorian Gaston    Lamar  
2016   Isaiah Howard   Lamar    2016   Octavious Matthews   Kansas 
2016   Cody Shelton   Livingston   2016   Kemon Hall   North Texas
2016   Centerio Jones   North Alabama   2016   Rip Kirk    Mississippi State
2017   Tyree Bryant   UT-Martin   2017   Dan Ellington   Georgia State 
2017   Daylon Fox   Faulkner   2017   Jalyn Galmore   Texas San Antonio
2017   Jarvis Hayes   Troy   2017   Preston Haynes   Southeast Missouri State
2017   Quinshay Heard   West Georgia   2017   Devan Hollins   UT-Martin
2017   David Little   UT-Martin   2017   Chris Long   Texas Southern
2017   Jacquez Neilson   Henderson State   2017   Travis Sailo    Troy
2017   Christian Saulsberry   West Alabama   2017   Terry Williams   UT-Martin
2017   Dallas Danner   Murray State   2017   Keshon Heard   Southeast Missouri State
2017   Malik Honeycutt   Murray State   2017   Tyquan Watson   North Carolina Central
2017   Jarvis Smithey   Mississippi College            
2018   Tay Carothers   Murray State   2018   Cortez Davis   Hawaii
2018   Will James   Tennessee State   2018   Kalmorris Robinson   Kentucky State